Proyectos actuales: 2015

Scriptures longTraducción al español: próximamente.

  • In Praise of The Great Mother, Sherap Chamma:   The Wise Loving Mother, Sherap Chamma, is a fully enlightened being who has countless emanations for the benefit of beings.  Principal among these are the Five Wisdom Emanations and the Eight Emanations who Protect from Fear.  One of the most important liturgical texts related to Sherap Chamma is The Mantric Praise of Chamma.  Through each syllable of Sherap Chamma’s root mantra this text praises the qualities and activities of the countless emanations of the Wide Loving Mother.  Raven has translated this text along with its commentary and is editing the English translation with the intent of publishing a book primarily focused upon practice related to this deity.
  • “Offering an Ocean of Milk to the Luis a frequently used Yungdrung Bon ritual text used to harmonize the relationship between human beings and the lu, unseen beings that live within our environment and who are directly affected by our actions such as polluting the water, cutting trees etc.  These beings can be offended or harmed and in response send harm or disease.  By properly performing this ritual, harmony is restored and obstacles, disease and illness are pacified.  In October 2014, Chamma Ling of Crestone, Colorado will host visiting lama and ritual master, Geshe Nyima Kunchap, who will give teachings from this text.  Raven is currently finalizing the translation of this text. Update: The text has now been finalized for use.
  • HE Menri Lopön Trinley Nyima Rinpoche, spiritual master, scholar and head professor at Menri Monastery in Dolanji India,  has asked Raven to translate a chapter of scripture entitled, “The Recitation that Satisfies, the Benefits of the Precious Lamp”, which details the many benefits of the MA TRI mantra, including 32 detailed benefits.  Menri Lopön Rinpoche often teaches Western students from this chapter and feels that having the English translation available would be very beneficial for the students.  The MA TRI mantra is known as the great mantra within the Yungdrung Bön tradition.   Regardless of other individual practices, all Yungdrung Bön practitioners are familiar with this mantra and most accumulate a minimum of 100,000 recitations of this mantra in their lifetime.   Most Bönpo recite this mantra at least 100 times every day.
  • Nine Ways Blog: There are plans to translate the blog into both the Spanish and Polish languages.  The blog sites are currently being formatted.  Update: The Spanish language Nine Ways Blog has been formatted and a few posts are being translated into Spanish.  This blog will be live by the end of October 2014.
  • Ongoing: Although there are projects that Raven is primarily focused upon, she continually makes herself available for the many Bönpo lamas who are teaching throughout the English-speaking world who ask for help in translating teachings and/or prayers for their students.  Additionally, she assists them in creating marketing and advertising materials for their teachings as well as study and support materials that can be used by their students.

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  • If you would like to sponsor any of these projects, you can contact Raven at or directly make a donation via paypal using the above email address.  If you would like your name to be included as one of the sponsors, please include the full, correct spelling of your name in the email.




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